Wealthy affiliate review 2017 updated

Company name - Wealthy affiliate

Trusted - Yes ( Legit Highly recommended) (since 10 years)

Joining cost - Free, no credit card required and Premium $49 monthly or $349 yearly.

Admin - Kyle and Carson (real person)

Rating - 9/10

Who it’s for: Newbie – Expert

Big thanks to Google ultimately you found my post. It means now you are all set to change your tangled life into something that you love and can't be happy living without. Seriously I'm grateful to my sponsor who introduced me to Wealthy affiliate a year ago when I was handling my complicated life. Whoever has any doubt or unbelief on the wealthy affiliate then I feel sorry for them to not take the lessons seriously while being a member. So what is the wealthy affiliate and why am I applauding it from the start?


What is the wealthy affiliate?

If you have any passion, hobby or any kind of desire that you want to show to the world then you are at the right spot, Wealth affiliate provides everything which requires to building a successful online business from the scratch. The training inside is priceless ( yes it's indeed priceless), comprehensive and up to date in which each member is taught according to the latest modification. Inside Wealthy affiliate, there are so many great stuff, tools that we cannot describe in a single sentence. So let's move on to understand it thoroughly.


Why you need a passion?

In wealthy affiliate, you will get to know how to build a successful business from a scratch so question arises is that what business you would like to build? and what it takes to rocket your business if you are a total beginner? Wealthy affiliate is an extraordinary successful university from 11 years knows everything about an online industry and helped thousands of active members build their business successfully up and running. I know you have any passion and want to work on it but wondering whether is it possible to scale your idea without any passion or any niche?

To be honest, If you have any passion or any interested niche ( topic) to work on then building a business is a fun otherwise you might feel boredom after joining wealthy affiliate and wouldn't be serious working towards your goal so passion is what will push you to follow the training inside the wealthy affiliate.


Why Wealthy affiliate?

Have you joined any business recently? If yes then can you guarantee that the business you have joined is Trusted, stable or for forever?  I think you would say "NO"  so unstable business gonna do nothing for you but taking away your cash someday when you'll need it the most.. Wealthy affiliate is sustainable, trusted, extraordinary, gifted online opportunity and one that has any passion or aim will make money here without any prior experience. I'm living every moment inside wealthy affiliate. Many times we do mistake while deciding the best for us and this time is for you like " why should I join wealthy affiliate?"  If it is then, When I was looking for something Genuine I came across wealthy affiliate and joined it after checking everything from the start to the finish ( and fee is quite affordable by everyone as far as I'm concerned) So I wanted to join something where I could learn and earn and finally joined wealthy affiliate. I don't know what you'll do after joining wealthy affiliate but if you ask me I would say I would be happy without anything but wealthy affiliate.


What you need is Wealthy affiliate

So let's show you some insight about wealthy affiliate So we can break down this into two parts one is" Tools and facility" and second is the "Training".

Tools and facility

  • Live chat - This is the most important facility wealthy affiliate stores, where members can ask questions 24/7 while chatting.
  • Siterubix - This is the website building plugin uses WordPress with one of the most powerful Amazon c3.large hosting speed(faster) and with that you will get free SSL certificate just like this one 
  • Link tracking - In this tool, you can track your link's clicks and know how much traffic you're sending to your merchant website and more with that.
  • Rapid Writer - It's distraction free writing tool where you can write and check your words density.
  • Site Comments - It's a give and take comment utility. doing this, you can enhance google trust and index your website faster, it is highly useful in S.E.O.

  • Keyword tool - This is not an ordinary tool that you use, it's highly helpful in finding a better keyword just like "google keyword tool".

wealthy affiliate review 2017


  • Site email - You have a good business then you need a good business email address too So "site email" makes you an unlimited email address relevant to your domain name just like this one - ask@review2rating.com.
  • Site feedback - Your website is up and running but you are wondering whether your website is good to convert or something is lacking then "site feedback" utility will help you.
  • Site health - Your website health is monitored via wealthy affiliate so it can help you know your site's condition better.
  • Jaaxy - It's premium keyword search tool but you can get 30 searches for free. Here you will get accurate case niche study result and it will recommend you a better keyword for your wesbite.
  • SiteSSL - It Serves your website over 256-bit Encrypted Connections. This is a free service from the wealthy affiliate that protects visitors data safe. 
  • WA domains - This service will let you purchase a domain name for your website of our own choice.
  • SiteProtect - This is an automatic website's spam cleaner provided by the wealthy affiliate.
  • Community - Biggest advantage of this university is the community we need to thrive our mindset from the positive vibe and that we get only from wealthy affiliate.
  • WA comparison table - By the help of this tool we can easily compare the powerful wealthy affiliate with any other online company.
  • PPC Conversion Tracking - It will assist as to track our wealthy affiliate links from the facebook, bing and google.


Getting started 

  • Online Entrepreneur Certification - Getting Started (Level 1) - 10 lessons
  • Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website Level 2 - 10 lessons course benefits
  •  WA Affiliate Bootcamp - Starting Your Foundation PHASE 1 - 10 lessons
  •  WA Affiliate Bootcamp - Content, Keywords and Conversions PHASE 2 - 10 lessons course benefits
  • WA affiliate program 7 courses with 10 lessons each.(Pic here)
  • Live video training with a replay available.
  • Once you complete all the training you'll be eligible for the certification.
  • Every day new training is available.

wealthy affiliate chat

So Starter cannot make money? (WA commission program)

Well, the biggest disadvantage of this membership is that you cannot utilize this platform fully and use your own domain but you can change it after you go premium and if you go premium then many great services will come to help you build your business. Regardless of the fact that premium is better, you can also make money going starter membership via wealthy affiliate commission program though the commission will be less compared to premium.

STARTER Member Commissions:

Initial $19 offer, Commission = $4

$49/mth, Commission = $11.25 recurring
$359/year, Commission = $87.50 recurring

(Special: $19 offer is the 1 month full access to the wealthy affiliate system only if you become the premium member within 7 days.)

PREMIUM Member Commissions: (100% higher commissions!!!)

Credits: They Set-up their account = 2 credits + $0.5
Initial $19 offer, Commission = $8
$49/mth, Commission = $23.50 recurring
$359/year, Commission = $175 recurring!

(Remember Premium is the full access to your success or wealthy affiliate. In this commission program, you will be given $0.5 credit when your referrals set up their account and the commission increase way more than starter membership.)

Take my words you sign up someone for free and your goal is to get them to setup their account, after that,  they are granted an initial $19/month membership without a doubt they will love the training, the tools, the positive vibes and the quality of services that they cannot get anywhere but Wealthy affiliate and I fully stand behind this statement as a premium member.


I don't trust words I want the Payment proof!

In my career I have seen lot of companies come and go but wealthy affiliate is a real deal and many people are working here from many years so what is that not letting them leave wealthy affiliate? They are living the coaching, the knowledge, the surrounding and the services inside wealthy affiliate. Here are some people with the payment proofs who have leveraged the services and training here.

Proof 1   Proof 3  Proof 5   Proof 7 

Proof 2   Proof 4  Proof 6   Proof 8 

This big picture is the payment proof of this man (wealthy affiliate and Clickbank result)

$10000 month here$3.1K in sales


He is just 25 and travelling the world


There are so many proofs it's impossible to write down in a row, to be honest training inside here 100% works.

See what happens when we bring in 300 sales.

Can I make money promoting wealthy affiliate?

Can you? or you doubt yourself? It depends on your mindset so say yourself " No matter what I'm gonna do it" get used to it. when I joined wealthy affiliate the only intention I had was to learn and apply through the training as you can see my English is not just perfect( It was too bad earlier though) and being not a native English speaker somehow I have managed to improve my English in the middle of training (still using Grammarly) and scaled businesses through the training inside wealthy affiliate. At the very beginning I was totally overwhelmed because of so many stuff out there and all were important for some major reason so I couldn’t dare to skip the training and that led me to some sort of success here at the wealthy affiliate.

You can check out my monthly income of December 2016 and it has been 3 months promoting wealthy affiliate although First 2 months were not so profitable.

Let's see how can we get a monthly passive income!

On 24% upgrade rate.

1 premium referral per day = Monthly Income: $2,040

3 premium referrals per day = Monthly Income: $5,680

5 premium referrals per day = Monthly Income: $9,319

and imagine 10 premium referrals = $18,730 per month

This is quite possible with the help of the wealthy affiliate boot camp training and support.


How to get started

After signing up all you have to do is just to follow the training and enjoy your journey.

Everything is convenient and properly managed to use so nothing to panic about. You might feel overwhelm in the beginning it's normal for anyone who joins new. To get started you can take the system tour inside WA.


500000+ people are loving it!

This not a quick money making scheme or a Ponzi website (never be a quick picker). When people join it they commit to following the training until they see result. As to make money through Wealthy affiliate work is needed as well as passion and this is a community where you are going to be engaging with so many successful online entrepreneurs around the globe who are loaded with so many skills and abundance of knowledge want to share inside wealthy affiliate (We are also paid to create the training. Isn't it awesome?).


Kyle and Carson are the real persons?

How often do you watch admin looking after their members when they seek help? In my career, I have joined so many companies even though they couldn't last for even 3 months were unable to help their members many often, In the wealthy affiliate the support is ready to help 24/7 365 days and we can also direct our messages to the kyle and Carson whenever we want to.

Kyle and Carson are the men who walked their talk.They are helping many aspirants in building their businesses with the help of a wealthy affiliate community. When I was looking for to join it I tried to found out bad history about the admins as most of us do before joining some programs but to be honest, I only found positive reviews and that made me think to join wealthy affiliate with a sense of a relief.


a wealthy affiliate.

-Hosting is super power


-The training here is 100% works and up to date compared to any other online program I have seen.

-The tools, support and services are so helpful here to skyrocket any online business.

-Anybody can make money here even with no experience. (Just like me)

-It's highly stable from 10 years and provides a legitimate way of earning.

-Premium members can build up to 50 online businesses without any extra fee or tools. Everything is inside the wealthy affiliate.

-Hosting itself is worth the money and super powerful too.


-No upsells (why?)

-Training is overloaded due to this Members might feel overwhelm at the time of getting started.


My advice on how to get started

  1. Join it for free ( step1)
  2.  Complete your profile and setup an account (step 2) (it takes 2 minutes)
  3. Then after peeking into the beginners training Finalize your decision ( You'll love it for sure)  (step 3)
  4. If you go premium never skip the training (step 4)
  5. Once you complete all the training you can earn money

FAQ ( Frequently asked questions)

Why cannot I get a free training for 7 days?

In some countries there is no free training and also $19 offer available including India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Nepal, China e.t.c because the company has faced some hacking attempts by those listed countries So to protect the wealthy affiliate from being hijacked from those theft, free training has been banned.

When will I make money through the wealthy affiliate?

This is the question often asked by the people when they intend to join a new company so in this matter they have to understand the income disclaimer first to join this company because this is not an investment company or a ponzi website where we will get paid by just clicking 10 ads daily. Wealthy affiliate is the community of over 800000+ people who have never complained after joining it.

What about the hosting and domain name?

Hosting is free up to 45 websites and if you already having a domain or buy it then you can add it to the wealthy affiliate server, within no time it will be active and your website can be up and running.

When can I withdraw my money?

We can withdraw our money 1st of every month through paypal and it can take up-to 1 - 24 hours to reach into your paypal account.

What happens after getting the 300 premium sales?

This is the question people want to know about, if they make 300 sales a year then are invited in the vegas by the Kyles and carson to attend the private discussion, party and lots of fun they have to offer to the members if they bring in 300 sales a year.

Can I contact Kyles and carson inside wealthy affiliate?

Yes you can send your message to the admins and can get a reply as soon as they read your message and they are the full time members of the wealthy affiliate so you can see them on the "LIVE CHAT" as well.



Should you join?

Yes, this company is legit so stop procrastinating. If you have any passion or want to make money promoting wealthy affiliate then never miss a chance to be a member of this awesome opportunity. It's free to join ( $0 starter) who are you waiting for?  There are so many companies out there that can also make you good money but those companies need skills, paid traffic, good email list and all these things you going to be buying separately and In wealthy affiliate, everything is done for you so there is no need to purchase leads if you can build them for free with the help of a wealthy affiliate.

Go Premium Within 7 days ($19 SPECIAL OFFER) Put your credit card away

You'll get full month access to the wealthy affiliate diamond training in just 19$ (not $49) only if you go for premium membership within 7 days  and I will personally assist you along your journey to the riches.

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46 thoughts on “Wealthy affiliate review 2017 updated

  1. I learned a lot from Wealthy Affiliate training, and I am proud to see my blog and everything set up nicely with the WA training. I tried many other internet training and usually end up nothing concrete that I can come up with and worst losing money in the process. I might be a bit slow in following the training, but I can follow step by step and see things are building up.

    1. Thanks for your loyal comment mate, There is nothing to regret upon after joining wealthy affiliate even my soul is being stuffed with a joy and the positive vibe. It has been a year now for me in a wealthy affiliate and the training almost seem priceless to me in many ways. The best thing I see here are the tool which I couldn’t be able to afford if wealthy affiliate wouldn’t provide them for free after joining the premium membership. Thanks for commenting and taking your precious time see you beyond the top.

  2. Hey Ankit,
    I love your review, its so updated and I foresee great things this 2017! WA has new features like the domain registrar and and complimentary SSL, this will surely tip the scales to anyone’s favour.

    I’m a member already but I get really excited after reading your review, reminds me how great the program is. I hope you’ll be able to help a lot of newbies get a proper kickstart online , best wishes to you!

    1. Thanks for your lovable comment Riaz, Here in this review I forgot to mention domain registrar, as you can see Inside wealthy affiliate there are lots of great things which we cannot get free outside of wealthy affiliate. The training is updated as always including some great tools and the layout.

      If you ask me how am I enjoying the training here? then my answer will always be – ” Loving it”

      It’s just a matter of 2 minutes to be a part of such an amazing university that can secure you financial future forever.

  3. I have started wealthy affiliate about a month ago and seems like just the hosting alone they provide is worth the premium membership. if you pay by yearly then it’s only $30, along with that you get training and support? you cant find a better deal than this. even if you do this on your own you’ll still need to pay for hosting, SSL, and other add ons you might need. for $30 it covers all that. and the training seems legit and logical, definitely not a scam. I can see that the information I need to succeed is there, it’s just a matter of if I’m able to have the work ethics to utilize the info properly.

    1. you got it mate, Wealthy affiliate is the total pakage to the long term success, Yes even the hosting itself is worth the money and training, support is just priceless. Few days ago I encountered some error in my website and without doing anything I called support to fix the error and within 1 hour my site was up and running. It is the real deal indeed.

  4. Hello,
    thank you for publishing a very interesting review about Wealthy Affiliate. When it comes to building a online bussines online, Wealthy Affiliate is first thing that comes in my mind because it is the best program in the world. Exelent program even for the beginners as well.
    Best regards

    1. No doubt Karlo, wealthy affiliate is the best income source online these days with over 500000+ people and even a single person is not complaining about it. That’s a true success. I’m the proof too. Almost 50% of people have the same perception of making money without any work ethics and smart work so they get fail usually they join unstable programs in which they only lose money and eventually leave the online industry with their saddened story. They don’t believe in “Hardwork pays” if it in good direction.

  5. Hi Ankit,

    Great, very detailed and comprehensive review. It is thanks to wealthy affiliate that I am able to earn a substantial income online.

    I chose them over other becuase of the ongoing training and they just geared me up for success with all the needed tools to succeed such as hosting, keyword research tool, and the latest SSL! awesome!

    1. Thanks derek, I am grateful to wealthy affiliate too. I’m loving every inch of it and would never leave this life changing university, All we have to do to earn money here is to just follow the lessons till the end and learn to scale business through tools, support, community and training that’s awesome. The best thing I have sensed here are the positive vibes that we can feel inside the community because of the success stories they have to share every day.

  6. 2017 sure seems like the year to join Wealthy Affiliate and build a profitable online business, especially when you can get access to EVERYTHING you need for success. 🙂

    I think it’s really awesome that you can build a free website, have a keyword tool to use, use a feature such as SiteComments to get engegement from the community, learn the craft through step by step training, and especially request support when needed.

    $49 per month for premium WA membership really is a no-brainer, especielly since I’ve seen many programs that are double and triple the cost, and provide little value.

    Thanks for your WA recommendation, and for sharing the income proof!


    1. Thanks NIEL, I’m just living the community here, My only intention of writing this post is to show people the power and legitimacy of the wealthy affiliate. Many people have been known that and the rest are going to be joined after this review.

  7. Thank you for taking the time to write such a wonderful review. Additionally,like the idea that with the starter membership that you have two free websites and still able to earn an income without signing up for Premium. Nonetheless, if you want the full benefits of Premium for the first at 19 dollars this is an excellent starting point.I have been at Wealthy Affiliate for over a year and have created two websites for myself and created a third one for a customer to advertise their art.

    1. Good to hear from you Carlton, Even the hosting itself worth the money in wealthy affiliate and if we can full access to our training, support, tools and community then nobody can stop us building a successful website from the scratch. Before WA I had joined some other programs but they soon turned out scam, seriously I lost thousands of dollars and got lots of fail in these so called ” quick money making websites” Some searching and recent experience led me to this life changing sustainable university and Now I don’t feel myself as a failure anymore.

  8. Thanks for this review of Wealthy Affiliate.

    I think it is so important these days to have the following when looking to make a business online.

    A hobby or Interest!
    Self Confidence and Drive!
    The Correct Tools, training and help.

    I can see from the Wealthy Affiliate program that the tools, training and help are all provided.

    This is a great way to make a business online and if you can combine these with your hobby’s and your passion to do well, then I am sure people can be successful here.

    If I have the interest to make more than one business, is that possible?



    1. Yes, chris it is possible with wealthy affiliate even you can make 48 more websites without giving a single penny ( or hidden fees) everything is included within the wealthy affiliate itself. We should have some hobbies or a passion and it is because we might get a particular topic to write on with much more grace than writing just for making money. As far as I’m concerned one who is making money I mean real money in this industry it”s only because he is living his work. So passion is the main key to build a successful online business.

  9. Hi there, thanks for this great article.

    I am thinking to sign up, reading this makes me feel more comfortable with my decission.
    I have friend that already making money online. I want to start making a living in a more convenient way too

    Before this, I discovered ClickBank university, but i got overwhelmed with the amount of information being thrown at me, and with its price, I decided not to go any further.

    But as of now, I want to try this free trial of WA first.

    Thank you

    1. Good decision Habil, I assure you that if you follow the training and make use of everything which is inside wealthy affiliate then nobody can stop you from making sales and to make you a successful online business of any kind. When it comes to ClickBank university then I would say once you tap into the training inside WA you’ll get results soon.

  10. Hi Ankit,

    Great and very up to date review of wealthy affiliate. Thanks for creating it and sharing it with us – it is really appreciated – thanks.

    I am member of WA and have been so for 14 months and really hope to be replicating your success soon which I know will happen as long as I keep building my site and improving not only the number of posts but the quality also. I am making some money but I reinvest it all so far to improve the site. Kinda cool knowing you are employing someone (a writer in my case) and have a legit online business!

    1. Hi derek, It’s your second comment on my post and I really appreciate that. I have created this review so that I can show everybody the goodness of wealthy affiliate. It’s nice you are making money with the wealthy affiliate and replenishing your website. To be honest I’have never hired any writer to write me a content but the fact is I’m a very slow and flounder writer who doesn’t know anything about engaging content, I just write what I have learned and what I know. Thanks for your loyal comment.

  11. I really like this site. It was nice how you took your niche and turned it into the love for your business. It was also very clever having it as a review. The pages were laid out nicely. It really had appeal and was very easy to read. You made it interesting to read and want to continue reading on.

    1. I admire your loyal words. I’m really emphasizing on my website look because when I’ll feel like reading it others would definitely do and as well as trying to improve my writing skills as I’m not a native speaker so There is a chance to have grammatical mistakes. When it comes to wealthy affiliate then I think it doesn’t need any clarification or reviews to show it’s legitimacy, WA is already a second name of success and everyone must be a part of it to learn new things which are not taught everywhere.

  12. It’s been more than a year since I joined Wealthy Affiliate. I was slightly skeptical as it’s hard to separate scams and legits from the vast programs out there.

    I signed up for the Free trial and there’s no looking back since. It’s been a fantastic journey of learning and growth in the online business and now I have a pretty decent website that’s ranking well on Google.

    1. Keep writing good contents and follow the training Kenny Lee, Success comes from the repetition of fails so don’t worry about rankings and sales. Your website is up and running and In meanwhile you are writing contents consistently then result is about to come. Many people think success is a straight line rather than a curved line so they get distracted and immersed in something easy but they realize afterward that curved line could be much better than that of straight. You had made a right decision to join WA and I know that once we tap into the training then Nobody can pull us back from progressing. Thanks for giving your precious time. I just want to see you beyond the top.

  13. The training seems pretty amazing Ankit, however, I do not think we have the free starter membership in India. Has it helped you to make money online and how much time will it take me to start seeing some constant flow of online income from this system?
    Thanks for the post!

    1. Yes, there is no starter membership in some countries including India because of some major reasons as they were facing some hacking attempts so often . Now come to WA, When I knew that I cannot join wealthy affiliate for free I didn’t look back rather upgraded for premium membership just for 1 month to look at the training they provide in a premium membership and since then I’m sticking to my business to take it to the next level with the help of a wealthy affiliate. Sincerely I don’t know How much time will it take for anybody to seeing result in the wealthy affiliate, it depends on many factors besides following the training. There is no time frame or any secret all we can do is just sticking to the training and the community, ask questions, read other blogs, learn from others mistakes and try out new things in our website. Wealthy affiliate itself is a symbol of a legit business so people would not deny this fact for long and definitely join it once they feel like making money the legit way.

  14. WA is by far the best that I’ve seen when it comes to making money online. The training is the best and is very clear and broken down into “easy to digest” lessons and tasks. The Premium membership is definitely the way to go since that will allow you to access all parts of the WA website.
    Great review! Keep up the good work!

    1. Indeed, Even starter is beneficial if one is taken it seriously and put his best as if it’s his own business. Nobody is here in this industry to take things lightly, time is limited and we should only be a part of such a legit company like wealthy affiliate. I give my best to learn things here and seriously its training, support, tools are just gearing me up to grow myself. I’m a college drop out by my choice, struggled a lot to get what I want but the way of working was just the investing in the HYIPS AND REVENUE SHARING which led me to money loss whenever I have joined them as a business I lost money( it’s a fact) Life knocked me out whenever I tried to raise myself until I have got to read about WA. That moment was for me like do or die!!! I was being scammed so it was very hard to part away good n bad companies that time. After a thorough analysis I made my mind to be in this industry and since that time I have never looked back. Wealthy affiliate is the best opportunity we have these days and I fully stand behind this statement.

  15. Hi there. I just finished looking through your updated version of the Wealthy Affiliate review and just thought I would drop you a few lines to share my thoughts.

    You are doing extremely well in Wealthy Affiliate and it just goes to show that the training and community can lead you to success. I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for about 2 years now and although I am not up to your level, I am making some good money too.

    Its great to see a legit program online that you can actually find success with. There are so many online scams these days, it really a sad state. I see people all the time that are looking for a get rich quick scheme that is going to make them rich over night. I was once on of those people but now I realize that it really doesn’t exist! You get nowhere in this life without hard work and dedication!

  16. I am a member of the wealthy affiliate since April 2016 .,nearly a year. What can I say for now. Lots to learn and work, I made my first and own website, I learned to write content, insert images and links, advertise … I moved the Premium membership because I needed the help of colleagues from WA. with them my obstacles war easier to overcome. So far I have not made any income by promoting WA, but I hope that this will change in the near future. I would definitely recommend everyone to try, it’s free.

  17. There is no doubt, Wealthy Affiliate is one of its kind. The training offered to its members is of unparalleled value.
    I am a member and I have to say that I am learning new things every single day.
    When you have the support of a community of more than 800,000 members, the learning process become even easier.
    Thanks for your post

  18. Wow…look at those sales! That’s really incredible. How do you do it? Haha no but seriously tell me your secrets. I’m just wondering, it seems like Wealthy Affiliate is really awesome and like it’s working for you with all those commissions. Why did you only give it a 9/10. What are the drawbacks?

    1. Nothing is perfect martina, 9/10 is pretty good for wealthy affiliate I think. To be honest there are no drawbacks after joining the wealthy affiliate, may be it’s us who cannot learn everything at once if the information are stored in plenty and this is the only case with wealthy affiliate.

  19. Hi there Ankit,
    What a nice updated review of the Wealthy Affiliate program 2017! I’m loving every single minute of the training. I is totally trustworthy platform as you say. The support from the community there is just amazing. This is the program every person interested in affiliate marketing wants to try.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Yes every person who wants to make the money the legit and profound way should try wealthy affiliate. Support, training and community are 100% helpful here.

  20. Excellent break down of the Wealthy Affiliate program. You are very detailed and it is an interesting read.

    I am glad that I found the Wealthy Affiliate program myself! I have earned good income over the years with it. It is easy to follow. Anyone can do it. Just follow the process and ad your unique skills to your online presence and you will succeed.

    1. Thanks for your wonderful words.. I’m really glad that you are a member of wealthy affiliate and have earned good income over the years with it. To many members first thing comes in mind after joining wealthy affiliate is that “when I will start making money” right? But they do nothing to attract money and all they do is blame to the company for not giving them the check after spending months chatting. seriously, that’s how they think we make money online. Their misconception about internet take them to complaints and blame the company instead of themselves. Now comes to myself I used to think like rest of people these days think about making money online but too many bad experience ( Done very professionally) finally led me to have something which I deserve. I truely love this company.

  21. Hey man I just wanna say that this is an excellent review of wealthy affiliate. Its been 4 months since I’ve gone premium and I must say I have learned so much from the training within this program it’s crazy.
    I had no idea about technology really at all so to all you “non tech savvy” people out there, trust me you can do it to! I say 10/10 great review man.

    1. I like your enthusiasm over the training and the platform that the wealthy affiliate offers. It’s been over a year to me and still working successfully here without any hurdle or any small issue. This platform is the best the people can ever join because of its powerful community and the free effective tools. However, The training seeks hardwork, consistency and lots of patience and I think these attributes are the major form of one’s success in any known field. Gabe, this review is just not to tell people how this platform works or it is a good platform to make money but my only motive is to show people the value and the guidance I’m getting here is priceless and real compared to many quick-rich programs none other than ponzi schemes. Thanks for your valuable input.. Many regards

  22. Hi

    Great information on what is a fantastic training program.

    Wealthy Affiliate is great for not only learning Affiliate Marketing, but also creating a nich related website.

    The training is fantastic and any question you have are normally answered rather promptly.

    Highly recommended for anybody willing to give the affiliate marketing thing a try.


  23. I love the comparisons here about Wealthy Affiliate. If I hadn’t joined Wealthy Affiliate already I would have joined after reading this article for sure. It just covers everything that they have to offer for a successful inline business.
    As you follow the training and get some experience under your belt you’ll see your website gain more notoriety and this leads to more traffic and sales. Keep in mind that your job is to help others first and financial gain second. This article gives you all the knowledge you need to make the wise decision of joining. Don’t wait any longer. Wealthy Affiliate can be your future if you put your mind to it.

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    I fear of online scammers so I’m careful about accepting offers online. But from your review on Wealthy Affiliate, you have made it clear that I can join without paying anything at all.And I think that alone tells me that this is a legitimate program.

    Also, most online scammers set up their website and try to hide their identity because of what they are doing, but you made it clear that I can even contact the owners of Wealthy Affiliate, and that is another thing that convinces me that this is a legitimate program.

    I am going to sign up now to see how their platform works.

  25. I signed up for WA’s free starter membership about three years ago (went premium a couple weeks later) and it was probably the best decision I ever made. I didn’t know anything at all about online business before then, but now I understand just how much opportunity is out there. It took me 6 months to start building my first site and actually start earning some decent commissions, but after that, the ball really started rolling. It’s a great training platform and amazing support system for those willing to put in the work.

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